About Us

Gadget Phone is a proffesional and trustworthy service center in repairing IPhone, Samsung and other Smartphones. The proffesional crew of Gadget Phone, with over 7 years experience, gathered the most knowledge in repairing Smartphones in Israel; if it's in repairing screens, exchaning parts, fixing the motherboard or any other type of troubleshoots. 

At us you can find a variety types of accessories for smartphones & tablets; such as, chargers, headphones, cables, cases, glass protector, batteries, original accessories and many more gadgets. 

We at Gadget Phone strive to give the best personal treatment to the phones and its owners. We really believe in costumer satisfaction before anything else. Our motto is, "A Happy Costumer is a Returning Costumer."

The Gadget Phone Lab in IBN Gabriol 104 Tel Aviv treats its Job seriously with full responsibility. Therefore, we provide full warranty on all repairs and our return & exchange policy always goes for the best of our clients.  


We will be happy to assist you at any question.  0775340334

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